My name is Marvin Peter and I was born on December 10, 1995 near Aachen, Germany.

When I was six years old I was sent to primary school where my interest in science and nature developed. In addition to that I learned that I was a fairly creative kid and so arts became one of my favorite subjects in school.

Four years into my education and after I graduated primary school, I had been attending the Realschule (secondary school) where I started learning English as my second language and instantly hated it. This was mainly due to me being dyslexic back then, which made learning a new language very hard for me. So, in German and English class one D followed after another, but soon something changed. I began to like the sound of the English language and suddenly wanted to learn it. And that’s when I began watching all movies and TV shows in English, which in turn resulted in a drastical improvement of my English skills to a level even my English teach never thought possible. So, all the sudden my Ds turned into Bs.

But my interest in learning English wasn’t the only thing that rapidly increased. I also discovered a completely new subject which I began to love: computer science. Everything was new and interesting and since I was a quick and willing learner computer science became the first class I completely aced.

But soon enough I felt unchallenged and began teaching myself my first programming language, Visual Basic .NET, in under 6 months. But one language wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to learn more, so I began looking into Visual C#.

In the mean time I had graduated once again and now had to decide on what to do next, either begin an apprenticeship or continue going to school. The decision was very easy for me, as I loved school, hence I chose the latter option and continued on to the Gymnasium (highest secondary education in Germany).

While I pursued my education, I taught myself a completely new programming language: Objective-C the language of macOS and iOS. I instantly fell in love with this language and soon began writing my own apps for my iPod touch and Mac. I even wrote an iOS app for a popular German YouTube channel, which I stopped development for shortly after its release because of lacking interest by said channel. At least ten iOS apps (personal projects) later I continued with the next logical step and investigated Android development, resulting in learning a new language yet again: Java. It was safe to say that Java was never going to be my programming language of choice because it was much slower compare to Objective-C back then and I didn’t really like the syntax. But although it didn’t like Java all that much it didn’t stop me from programming for Android anyway.

Soon after I started attending the Gymnasium another milestone in my life happened. I visited London with my best friend and immediately fell in love with the city and the people living there. I lived in a little town, so London was a big cultural shock for me. Everything was so big and busy, but I loved it. And that’s when I made an important decision. I wanted to immigrate to either the US, Canada or the UK and live in a big city such as London. I needed to achieve that goal, not matter what. I would have to go to university to get a decent job so that at one point of my life I would have enough money to fulfill my dream.

So, in June 2015 I finally graduated the Gymnasium with a GPA of 3.60 (NC of 2.3) and began studying ICT at the FH-Aachen university of applied science. Ever since then I learn new technology related things daily. And during my spare time I am learning new things as well. I have been looking into Node.js and Javascript in general. Web development has since become a huge hobby of mine and TypeScript is now by far my favorite programming language.

Currently I am working in the dev-ops department of KISTERS AG in Aachen, where I am writing my bachelor thesis, also. Once I graduate I will finally be a Bachelor of Science and then I will continue my academical education by obtaining a master’s degree in information systems engineering.

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"Toronto Night Skyline Panorama" by Anton Bielousov. License: CC BY 2.0