My name is Marvin Peter and I am a computer science undergraduate studying information system engineering (master’s degree) at FH-Aachen in Germany. I have three specialties in the field of computer science.

My first specialty is IT infrastructure, more specifically managing clusters that utilize host virtualization as well container virtualization with Docker. I wrote my bachelor’s thesis titled “Design and Implementation of a Server Migration to Virtualized Infrastructure for the KISTERS AG” about this tropic.

The second field in which I have a lot of experience in the web development. I have written web apps as well as this website in the past using TypeScript and React. My largest project in this area was developing an internal web service for deploying build pipelines in TypeScript (front end) and Kotlin (back end) for a company.

Finally, my last area of expertise is IT security, which was my major in my computer science degree. Here, I am mostly focused on web security and IT forensics.

This website is for distributing my personal projects. These include a download manager for Chrome with around 700 active users and 4 of 5 stars reviews. The projects found here are written in TypeScript, Kotlin and Rust, my programming languages of choice. Further projects can be found on my GitHub page above.

Other than developing project in my spare time I like to read a lot. I am especially interested in the classical literature of ancient Rome and Greece. Along with reading said literature I also love visiting and exploring ancient ruins.

But I am also interested in modern culture. This predominantly includes Japanese media like manga and anime, which I have grown fond of the last year.

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"Toronto Night Skyline Panorama" by Anton Bielousov. License: CC BY 2.0